Through rigorous academics, our students value the Art of Living, weaving the knowledge of core and elective studies into the fabric of our faith through an exploration of virtues, truth and beauty.   The student’s educational vocation flourishes when we challenge a student’s critical thinking  through CDE (Colorado Department of Education) benchmarks and Archdiocesan standards. Students learn to appreciate subject matter through the lens of a higher purpose, which lends itself to the subject matter as well as to the truth, goodness and beauty of the world around us.

A few of our highlights:

  • Core academic program includes religion, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies at all grade levels.
  • Technology is integrated into the academic program in grades K-8 with our full-time technology teacher.
  • Specials: art, music, physical education, library and Spanish.
  • Our faculty hold teaching licenses in the state of Colorado.  Approximately 33 percent of our teachers have Masters degrees in Education or Theology.
  • Curriculum guidelines are provided by the Archdiocese of Denver and are routinely reviewed and assessed for effectiveness.


  • Full and half day options available.
  • Differentiated instruction.
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum that prepared students for academic challenges ahead.
  • Discovery days – deeper exploration in subject matter.
  • Smaller class size with extra adult support.

St. Mary Catholic School kindergarten – 5th student learning goals:

  • Engaged Catholic.
  • Participates in liturgical celebrations; all students, (preschool – 8th grade) attend Mass each week, celebrate major feasts and sacraments, and look beyond themselves to help others in our “Caring Communities”.
  • Continues to grow in a firm knowledge of Church teachings and Scripture.
  • Shares Christ’s love with others.
  • Trusts in God’s love and forgiveness.
  • Respects all life.
  • Lifelong learner.
  • Possesses solid foundation in basic skills.
  • Strives for understanding.
  • Formulates questions.
  • Cultivates curiosity.
  • Engages in critical thinking.
  • Achieves one’s academic potential.

Language Arts Literacy:  Reading is the core of our literacy program with an emphasis placed on decoding and comprehension strategies, fluency growth, and vocabulary development.  Students are guided into a love of reading and storytelling by exposure to classic picture books, fairy tales, Reader’s Theater, and beginning chapter books.  Virtues and moral lessons are studied and emphasized with each book study in these grades.

Every Child a Writer: (ECAW) This is a differentiated, small-group writing program that is also implemented during the literacy block.  Students are guided through a model writing with the teacher that address the following purposes for writing: to inform, to tell an imagined experience, to retell a previous experience, and to explain their opinion.  Students then create their own individualized writing independently. CR Success (See

Our Success): First Steps Literacy program combines systematic phonics instruction with multi-sensory activities for kindergarten students.  The CR Success Wordsmith Spelling curriculum combines a systematic, multi-sensory word study program. Accelerated Reader: A program that fosters independent reading practice and allows the student to set reading goals for each trimester.  Students earn points toward their goal by taking an A.R. quiz on the computer after finishing a book.

Literature Studies:  Students are led through studies of some of the classic works of Western Civilization.  Through these studies in great books, students are guided into recognizing the narrative structure of their own lives and how they must become the protagonist of their own story.  Students are also led to recognize the role of relationships and the different elements of their lives which can create a beautiful unity between the otherwise fragmented parts of a life.

Math: Math instruction encompasses traditional objective categories, numbers and operations, geometry, measurement and algebra with an emphasis on God’s order and beauty in numbers.  Ability grouping, along with smaller class sizes, allow for accelerated learning and individualized math instruction.

Science: The science curriculum at St. Mary is inquiry based and allows students to learn science by doing science.  We integrate faith and reason as we discover the wonders and complexity of God’s creation.

Social Studies: Students are guided through historical inquiry as they seek to understand current and past processes and events in civics, economics, geography, and history. Students develop an awareness and appreciation for all civilizations and cultures while recognizing we are all children of God.   Students are exposed to historical documents, maps, and other primary/secondary sources as they attempt to recognize and piece together God’s divine plan.