At St Mary Catholic School, students learn virtue through great books.  Each year, teachers lead students in a close reading of age-appropriate, beautifully curated stories, connecting these compelling narratives to key virtues of our Catholic faith.

Narrative Project:  A structured library of books that coincide with virtues, introduced by grade level.  These great books allow teachers the opportunity to lead their students in discussions that place them in the character’s heart, and guide them to virtuous decisions within the narrative that ultimately helps them write the story of their own lives.

Library: St. Mary hosts a roughly 28,000 title library, promoting and celebrating good, beautiful and true narratives in literature and in all subjects.  Beginning with a Book Buddy program in preschool, students are encouraged to explore a variety of genres and simply enjoy reading.  The librarians work closely with the teachers to support and enhance the classroom curriculum.  

Good Books @ St Mary:  A newsletter that offers a recommended selection of good books for all ages of students, preschool to 8th grade, with a focus on a different subject matter, virtue, or saint in each issue.

Bookends of Beauty Book Club: A book club designed for parents, by parents, where participants join in fellowship to discuss good books that they have read. 

Theology of the Body: This program teaches and reinforces the beauty of the human body and chastity at a developmentally appropriate level.