Learning the Art of Living: Our purpose is to not only help your child be well-prepared to attend high school or college, but to guide your child into becoming a successful professional, faithful spouse, caring parent, and leader striving for the common good.  We want to support you in forming people of virtuous character who can appreciate and create culture, play fairly and be trusted experts; moreover, children of God who live the greatness of their personal vocation.

Goal- Flourishing of the child in different stages of life: In each child, there is a hidden genius and saint.  We need not wait for a child’s adult life to discover who he is because even a child can live a beautiful life and flourish in relationships.  Through practice of little promises and personal choices, gradual growth can be seen in all dimensions of the person.

Centered in Christ: The keystone of education is a friendship with Christ, enhanced by the sacramental journey.  This friendship with Christ makes life truly great and beautiful.  We live the gift of the sacraments, discovering how they enrich our lives. We offer a vision of reality rooted in wisdom, integrating all the branches of knowledge from the Catholic worldview.

Narrative Pedagogy: We educate for life-long decisions, so that your child can become a spouse, a parent and a leader fostering common good and understanding that his life forms part of the great story of God with humanity.  Education in virtues form a child’s heart, imagination, affectivity and desires.  Great stories foster his capacity to make right choices and understand the consequences.

Academic excellence, arts, music and sports: Students search for truth and wisdom through excellent instruction and curriculum in line with the Archdiocese of Denver.  The core curriculum (reading, writing, math, social and natural sciences, religion) is complemented by art, music, athletics and a variety of extracurricular academic choices.  Spanish, supported by our international partnership and the intentional use of  technology, support the overall learning.

Educational Covenant- Learning and finding the common good: Education is possible thanks to a partnership with the school community:  school, parents, teachers, and the local Church.  Whereas the family is the first educator, the school community helps by modeling a genuinely Catholic culture.  The teacher is a witness of the truth, called to share his/ her own creativity as a member of a faculty, sharing in the common responsibility.