In middle school, our students explore who they are in their academic, spiritual, and personal journey.  A majority of our graduates continue their education at local Catholic high schools.  Our alumni report that they are routinely placed in advanced level classes when they enter 9th grade.

St. Mary School Student Learning Goals:

  • Responsible Community Member
  • Promotes life, peace, and justice.
  • Demonstrates respect for self and others.
  • Practices Christian virtues.
  • Accepts responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Appreciates everyone’s God-given gifts.
  • Gives of time, talent, and treasure.
  • Effective Communicator
  • Listens actively.
  • Speaks articulately.
  • Writes coherently.
  • Collaborates with others.

Literature Studies: Students are led through studies of some of the classic works of Western Civilization.  Through these studies in great books, students are guided into recognizing the narrative structure of their own lives and how they must become the protagonist of their own story.  Students also are led to recognize the role of relationships and the different elements of their lives which can create a beautiful unity between the otherwise fragmented parts of a life.  Independent reading is also a part of the literature program.

Science: The science curriculum at St. Mary is inquiry based and allows students to learn science by doing science.  We integrate faith and reason as we discover the wonders and complexity of God’s creation. Throughout the course of middle school science, students will enter more deeply into the scientific method, earth, life and physical science.  They will also learn to navigate safely in a laboratory environment and will have exposure to the scientific equipment and technology that will be used in high school.

Math: Math encompasses traditional objective categories – numbers and operations, geometry, measurement, algebra, data analysis and probability and statistics – with an emphasis on God’s order and beauty in numbers.  Ability groupings along with smaller class sizes, allow for accelerated learning and individualized math instruction to support all students.

Social Studies: Students are guided through historical inquiry as they seek to understand current and past processes and events in civics, economics, geography and history. Students develop an awareness and appreciation for all civilizations and cultures while recognizing all are children of God.  Students are exposed to historical documents, maps, and other primary/secondary sources as they attempt to recognize and piece together God’s divine plan.

Cultural exchange program. Our connection to the DCJM and Stella Maris school in Madrid, Spain, allows our middle school students the opportunity to study at each other’s schools while living with a host family and experiencing the native language, traditions and culture.

Theology:  Middle schoolers attend mass and or adoration during theology class each week.   Theology of the Body is St. Pope John Paul II’s integrated vision of the human person.  This series of topics guides our religious studies.

Retreats: Special Retreats: St. Mary School offers a variety of spiritual retreats to its students.  Sixth-graders visit the Carmelite Monastery in Littleton, seventh-graders visit Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, and eighth-graders make an overnight spiritual retreat at the Ponderosa Retreat Center.