St. Mary Catholic School is “Focused on Students and Centered in Christ.”

Our mission is to educate the heart, mind, body, and soul of the student and to develop the potential in each, giving glory to God. Specifically, St Mary School strives to produce engaged Catholics, lifelong learners, responsible community members and effective communicators.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to St. Mary Catholic School, a place where your children will forge their character while growing in wisdom and friendship with God.

At St. Mary we introduce and guide our students into a “path of virtues,” both intellectual and moral, so that their intelligence, will and emotions grow in harmony knowing what is truly good and how to attain it.

This journey of virtue will take our students through a set of practices and great narratives that will develop in them a sacramental vision to perceive God in all.  They will develop:

  • a moral imagination to see themselves as the saints, heroes and geniuses they are called to be, and a path to become so
  • a narrative intelligence to shape and expand their desires for a great life worthy to be lived
  • a spirit of leadership to promote and serve the common good of the society and the Church.

At the culmination of their time at St. Mary, our students will have set the foundations in their characters and souls to flourish both academically and personally in the next stages of their great and beautiful life.

God Bless You,

Fr. James DeCendra, DCJM