Music: Music is an integral part of our curriculum for every grade, beginning in kindergarten.   St. Mary Catholic School uses Kodaly-based instruction, a developmentally sequential, active music-making approach.  Students learn to read and write music proficiently by the end of 6th grade, becoming versed in rhythmic and melodic dictation.

Art: St. Mary Catholic School’s art program focuses on the mastery of foundational art technique and exposure to a wide variety of artists and media.  Students develop their own artistic ability through self-expression, creativity, and exploration of media.

Physical Education: Our students participate in team sports, cooperative and team building activities, games, fitness and fun.

Spanish: St. Mary Catholic School offers Spanish language instruction to students in every grade level recognizing the importance of learning a second language.  Our school has a loving relationship with Stella Maris, a bilingual school in Madrid, Spain that is run by the DCJM (Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary). Various St. Mary classes participate in video conversations with a classroom of students at Stella Maris, write letters and collaborate with teachers.

Technology: Classroom teachers incorporate the use of technology into various projects across the curriculum.  Our full-time technology teacher is on hand to support teachers with planning, direct instruction of students and technology updates.  Students learn how to responsibly and ethically use technology.